Brand Description


Since the very beginning, Gabriel Meffre drew inspiration from the distinctive terroirs of the Rhône Valley to influence his wine styles.

Today as a tribute to him, we created a range of 9 different Appellations from both the Northern and Southern Rhône regions called “Signature” from Gabriel Meffre. A range where each wine unveils the diversity of its terroirs, the passion of our winemakers, and embodies Gabriel Meffre’s vision to produce elegant and authentic wines.

All of the Gabriel Meffre’s Signature wines are named after the Patron Saints of the village or historical leaders that have positively influenced these townships.

Born in the neighbouring village of Séguret, Gabriel Meffre grew up near the Plan de Dieu area. He was convinced that due to its proximity and similarity to the Châteauneuf-du-Pape vineyards, the rocky Plan de Dieu plains would produce fabulous wines, as well. He set about buying up this land and painstakingly clearing the area to plant his vines.

Success was not long in coming; from this alluvial soil, a vineyard flourished producing elegant, powerful, generous wines that are rich in colour and flavour.

Vintage after vintage, the exceptional quality of this terroir was confirmed. The official recognition came in 2005 and Plan de Dieu was upgraded to AOC Côtes du Rhône Villages classification.