Brand Description


There are very few companies in Europe or in the world that have such a rich and glorious tradition in producing liquor as the company Maraska in Zadar, Croatia. Maraska has more than five centuries of experience and tradition in the production of making liquor items and for making one of the worlds best known liqueurs “Maraschino.” Maraska is known for making high-quality products made from the Marasca Cherry. Maraska uses this cherry to make their Maraschino. This special cherry is authentic only to Croatia and only grows in the climate and area around Zadar, Croatia. This very special type of cherry has a unique flavor found no where else in the world.

Maraska also has the same experience and tradition in producing other liquor brands that are now in the hands of today’s Maraska company. In 2006, Maraska built a modern production facility and now has the production capacity that can meet all of the most demanding needs for increased sales. This now makes Maraska one of the most modern Croatian liqour companies with over five ceturies of tradition in producing and selling liquor brands. Maraska is now known as a world class leader in making specialty liqour brands that are sold through out the world.