Brand Description


Rioja Bordon is part of the Spanish wine group Bodegas Franco-Españolas that was founded in 1890 as an indirect result of the biggest misfortunes in the history of French wine making. In the second half of the 19th century, French vineyards were almost completely ruined by phylloxera. This led vineyard owners from Bordeaux, a region characterized by the high quality of its vines and a great tradition for making world-renowned wines, to move to Spain in search of suitable soil and climates where they could continue to produce and age the wines for which they were famous.

The area they chose was La Rioja. This area had not only a soil ideally suited to vine growing and a climate which benefited from influence of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic but also inhabitants who were concerned with tradition and had an ancient wine-producing culture using local grape varieties. Because of all these reasons, in 1890 Frederick Anglade Saurat, of the Bordeaux firm “Anglade” along with Spanish partners founded Bodegas Franco-Españolas.

Today, the winery’s headquarters stands on a 14.5 acres site in Logrono, capital of La Rioja region. A quarter of this site is occupied by buildings with vaulted cellars where the wines are aged at a constant temperature, first in oak casks and then in bottles.