James Alexander Blended Scotch Whisky

/James Alexander Blended Scotch Whisky

Spirit Description


Alcohol by Volume: 40% (80 PROOF)
Origination: Product of Scotland

Notes: James Alexander is a blend of the finest grain and malt whiskies from Scotland. The blend is created using a range of the highest quality Speyside and Highland malt whiskies blended expertly together with grain whisky from the Lowlands of Scotland. Each cask is matured for a minimum of 3 years before being selected by the Master Blender to create the final blend. The character and consistent taste profile of the blend is carefully maintained by combining whisky matured for varying periods of time in different cask types to produce the distinctive crisp aroma and rich taste.

Tasting Notes: This blended scotch is golden in color with brilliant clarity leads into a clean, crisp aroma with hints of vanilla, orange peel, and other complex aromas that are apparent but not overwhelming. Mellow taste with richness and a depth of flavor. Distinctive on the palate leaving a subtle lingering sweetness.

Formats: 750ml/12 bottles
1L/12 bottles
1.75/6 bottles

Spirit Details

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