John B. Stetson Bourbon

/John B. Stetson Bourbon

Spirit Description

John B. Stetson

Alcohol by Volume: 42% (84 PROOF)
Origination: Product of USA

Formats: 750ml / 12 bottles

Notes: The grains used for the mash are Native American corn, malted barley, rye and wheat and are sourced from local suppliers. All grains pass very strict quality controls. Self-grown yeasts are added and the product ferments prior to distillation.

The distillate then ages in new, charred white oak barrels.

The final product is tasted to ensure quality and consistency, and then bottled at 84 Proof.

The bourbon has a sweet oaky aroma. The taste is woody with nuances of vanilla and caramel. It is smooth and suitable to enjoy neat or on the rocks, yet flavorful enough to mix and enjoy in traditional bourbon cocktails and mixed drinks.

Spirit Details

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