Maraska Kruskovac (Round Bottle)

/Maraska Kruskovac (Round Bottle)

Spirit Description

KRUSKOVAC (kroos-ko-vak)

Origination: Product of Croatia

Notes: Maraska Kruskovac is a fine golden liqueur with the distinctive sweet taste of tree-ripened pears. The juicy pears, grown in Croatia are full of taste and characteristic aroma. The fragrant liqueur is an excellent accompaniment to cakes or other desserts at any time. It is the traditional drink for ladies at weddings in all of Europe. Maraska Kruskovac has been recognized for its quality and has enjoyed much popularity in Europe for many years. Serve it chilled in long-stemmed small liqueur glasses.

Alcohol by Volume: 28%
Formats: 750ml/6 bottles

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