The Bitter Truth Orange Bitters

/The Bitter Truth Orange Bitters

Spirit Description

Orange Bitters

Alcohol by Volume: 39%
Origination: Product of Germany
Region: Bavaria

Description: A traditional marmalade scent sets off act one of The Bitter Truth – Orange Bitters on the nose. This is followed by notes of clove, cinnamon and nutmeg. On first taste cardamom and caraway make an entrance and the finishing number is true orange peel oil. This ingredient supports the cast of a traditional martini but duets well with rums, whiskies and tequilas as well.

Tasting Notes: The fruity sweetness at the beginning is quickly followed by a bitter taste. The aroma of bitter orange peel is in the foreground, completed by spicy flavors of cardamom, carraway and nutmeg.

Formats: 200ml / 12 bottles