The Bitter Truth Rose Water

/The Bitter Truth Rose Water

Spirit Description

Rose Water

Alcohol by Volume: Contains No Alcohol
Origination: Product of Germany

Production Method: In a copper pot still natural rose oil and natural spring water is combined. The mix is then carefully distilled so that the aromas of the rose oil are captured in the water. The liquid is then stabilized. In a final step the liquid is filtered, bottled and labeled in 125ml bottles at 0% vol.

Tasting Notes: This ingredient whispers of ancient Moorish alchemists with copper stills in the dessert whilst simultaneously suggesting a steaming, luxurious bath in a modern boutique hotel. With a scent that rests somewhere between the freshly rained on gardens of an old English country house and the exotic temptations of Turkish delight, Rose water is perfect for light spirits. However, much like a rose has delicate flowers but prickly thorns, this product should be used with caution. Drinks like the Rosewater Rickey and the Rose Margarita give impressions of how this oxymoronic blossom water can be used.

Formats: 4 oz / 12 bottles